Help eTRUs meet CARB requirements with SAFEX™ Power System

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Purkeys and its parent company, Mission Critical Electronics (MCE), have announced the SAFEX, a system that allows fleets, reefer and trailer manufacturers, distribution centers, and grocery stores and truck stops to safely and easily connect hybrid electric transport refrigeration units (eTRUs) to 480 VAC power, meeting the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and other anti-idling regulations.

SAFEX, an automatic and customizable system, is designed with redundant safety features to deliver reliable connection and disconnection of 480 VAC shore power. Once plugged in, the system automatically detects when the cable is connected to the trailer and allows the power to be engaged with the simple touch of a button.

Additionally, SAFEX eliminates the risk of expensive property damage and high-voltage arcing that can happen from accidental drive-away or unattended live wires. When the vehicle brakes are engaged prior to starting the motor, an exclusive Auto Eject mechanism installed on the trailer instantly releases the cord and the Auto Safe component turns off the power, ensuring safety of people, goods, and property. The Auto Eject uses the IEC standard 4-pin pin-and-sleeve connector, with the connection pins on the trailer automatically protected by a weather-proof cover that snaps into place.

Several cable management options are available to fleets, distribution centers, and other facilities. These options will allow fleets to choose the best fit for their needs, as well as retract the power cord back to its original position and prevent potential tripping hazards and liability issues, as well as avoiding property damage to the trailer and facility during drive-off.

“The SAFEX system is proven, safe, and reliable,” said Dale Tompkins, President of MCE’s Vehicle Power segment. “Our Auto Eject technology, which forms the core of SAFEX system, has an exemplary 25-year track record with more than 250,000 installations at Purkeys’ sister company, MCE’s Kussmaul Electronics, serving emergency vehicle applications such as fire apparatus and ambulances. SAFEX is the ideal solution for eTRUs and the array of partners in the ZER ecosystem, including fleets, reefer and trailer OEMs, distribution centers and refrigerated warehouses, truck stops, seaports and intermodal facilities, and grocery stores.”

In 2019, CARB estimated that TRUs within the state were responsible for nearly 900,000 tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, 7,000 tons of NOx, and 277 tons of toxic diesel particulate matter. New regulations require that TRUs begin the transition to zero-emission technology now as all reefers operating in CARB-states must register with CARB by 2022, and all facilities must complete installation of electric powering infrastructure to support zero-emission reefers by 2024.

“TRUs used in transportation within California and the 14 other states that comply with CARB regulations will need to use either electric or hybrid technology when parked for more than 15 minutes. The SAFEX system is a worry-free way for fleets, operators, and the ecosystem of ZER partners to access needed power, in a safe and reliable manner,” noted Tompkins. “Fleet and facility managers need to start upfitting their eTRUs and facilities now to defensively avoid penalties for non-CARB compliance and to offensively prepare their fleets for the emerging tractor and trailer electrification.”

For more information on the SAFEX system, click here.