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“Give the SAFEX a try, it’s definitely worth it, the ROI is there, Purkeys works with you day in and day out to give you the best technology. That’s what Gourmet Foods likes in their partnerships.”
– Biscuit Nunnally, Transportation Manager, GFI

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A Safe Xperience from Start to Finish

For Fleets, Reefer & Trailer Manufacturers, Distribution Centers, and Grocery & Truck Stops

Meet CARB regulations and protect employees and property with Mission Critical Electronic’s SAFEX trailer power system, which safely provides 208/240 or 480 VAC shore power to a trailer reefer unit. This easy-to-use system protects against dangerous arcing when connecting to power, prevents electric shock, automatically eliminates property damage due to driver drive-off, and maintains safe interaction with the cable at all times.

SAFEX does this by automatically detecting when the cable is connected to the receptacle on the vehicle and allowing power to be engaged with the simple touch of a button. Once finished, the driver does not need to manually turn off the system—when the vehicle brake is pushed and released, SAFEX will automatically eject the cable from the vehicle, shut off the 208/240 or 480 VAC power, and retract the cable to eliminate tripping hazards.

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  • Provides emissions-free, 208/240 or 480 VAC power for hybrid eTRU systems
  • Prevents high-voltage arcing
  • Eliminates property damage from drive-offs
  • Protects employees with automatic power shut-off
  • Meets CARB and other anti-idle regulations
  • Easy and intuitive to use—just plug and go!
  • 250,000+ installations in critical public safety applications*
  • 25+ years of exemplary track record in North America and Europe*
*Reflects MCE’s Kussmaul Electronics Auto Eject application in the emergency vehicle market

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Watch a quick video about how the SAFEX system can help you provide 208/240 or 480 VAC shore power for hybrid reefers, meet CARB regulations, keep your personnel safe, and protect your equipment.

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