An instructor for a technical school was having problems reinforcing the lessons he was teaching about voltage, frequency, and resistance.

Training technicians to properly use a multimeter with heavy-duty vehicles is difficult because there are so many functions to learn. The data from a multimeter can be used to determine key factors in vehicle performance, so it is important for technicians to learn all the available functions.

If instructors do not have different types of testing equipment, or at least customizable equipment, they are hard pressed to find new ways to quiz their students. Without an abundance of training equipment, students soon learn the patterns of the lessons and start going through the motions, rather than actually learning.


The Purkeys’ Multimeter Training Unit (MTU) can simulate a wide range of electrical scenarios that technicians might face when diagnosing issues with heavy-duty vehicles. This training tool helps users become proficient in multimeter use within a controlled environment, like a classroom.

The MTU allows technicians to learn the different settings of a multimeter, such as the voltmeter, ohmmeter, and ammeter, to diagnose issues in the following areas:

  • Battery State of Charge
  • Voltage Drop
  • Alternator Ripple
  • Frequency
  • Resistance
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • DC Current

Instructors can also adjust the frequency, millivolts, and all of the passive post settings of the MTU to change the reading on the multimeter.


The instructor was able to better teach and test his students with the MTU. He said the MTU reinforced lessons about advanced concepts like battery voltage versus state of charge. He added that the MTU made it easier to test student understanding of resistance, voltage drop, and frequency. The MTU also helped him save classroom space, as he was able to condense the amount of testing equipment he needed.