How to Test a Fuse Cube

Fuses are designed to protect a circuit from surges or shorts—fuse cubes in particular are handy for tight spaces where the typical plug-in style of fuse doesn’t fit conveniently. Fuse cubes can often be seen near the output of alternators or the input of starters. For Purkeys products, you’ll mainly see this type of fuse on our inverter harnesses at the battery.

There are a couple of ways you can test a fuse cube. The first way is a visual inspection. If the fuse is blown, you will often be able to see a burn spot on the inside of the fuse, letting you know that it needs to be replaced. However, there isn’t always an obvious burnout point. That’s where your multimeter comes in.

In the video, Columbus demonstrates how to use the ohmmeter setting of a multimeter to test a fuse cube, how to test using a continuity check, and how to properly check a fuse cube when it is still connected to a vehicle battery.

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