Introducing Purkeys’ OneConnect™ with Interior Light Control

Noseboxes, Products
Is the front of your trailer packed with noseboxes and other equipment? This common issue can make it difficult when performing routine maintenance or troubleshooting on trailer systems.

In 2017, Purkeys developed a nosebox that put your 7-way, dual pole, liftgate charging, and interior lights into one box in order to help clean up the front of your trailer. Now, we have created a simple nosebox for fleets who do not need a liftgate charging system.

Say hello to the OneConnect with Interior Light Control, a game-changing nosebox that consolidates your 7-way, dual pole, and interior light control into one compact, organized, and sleek box. Just like with our Direct™ liftgate charging noseboxes, the OneConnect removes the need for multiple boxes and controllers on the front of your trailer, saving you money, time, and installation headaches.

The interior light control allows you to turn the lights on or off from front the front of the trailer. It also ensures you never make the rookie mistake of leaving your lights on as you drive down the road by automatically turning off the lights after a driver-set period of time.

Other unique design features like the downward facing receptacle—which prevents water from building up and causing corrosion over time—make the OneConnect with Interior Light control much more than your regular old nosebox.

If you would like to learn more about the OneConnect, reach out to a Purkeys representative or click here to learn more.

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