The 12 Days of a Purkeys Christmas

December is a fun and exciting time for most people. For many in the trucking industry, of course, it’s also a crazy time of ensuring that the increased number of deliveries are on schedule and arriving on time where they need to be. With that pressure, it can be a challenge to keep up with work and make the most of the holiday season.

To help, Purkeys put together a fun (and occasionally silly) product spotlight to lighten the mood and your workload. Merry Christmas!

On the First Day of Christmas

Relax and know that your liftgate batteries are well in hand with a liftgate charging system. With several sleek, stylish models to choose from, your liftgate batteries won’t need to worry about low voltage this holiday season! Give your drivers the gift of unfailing liftgates as they bring joy and happiness to the world, one delivery at a time.

On the Second Day of Christmas

Now that your liftgate batteries are taken care of, what about those pallet jacks? The increased number of deliveries can also have a toll on your electric pallet jacks—but never fear, the TAPS™ is here! The TAPS (Trailer Auxiliary Power System) allows drivers to keep their pallet jacks charged and ready to go while they drive down the road. No need to take the jack back to the warehouse! The TAPS boasts a convenient mount-anywhere enclosure, in addition to providing power at the back of the trailer. So, plug in your pallet jack (or hot cocoa maker, your choice) and hit the road!

On the Third Day of Christmas

Don’t have liftgate batteries on all of your trailers, but still want a stylish, consistent look for the front of your trailer? We’ve got you covered there too. The OneConnect™ presents the same curvalicious style as our liftgate charging systems and the ability to control the interior lights right at the nosebox. No additional controls needed.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas

One of the joys of driving in December is cranking the Christmas station all the way up and jamming out like nobody’s business. However, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” played at high volume can drown out the subtle pinging of a telecommunications tablet. Enter the Aware™ Audio Interrupter, a simple to install device that integrates with the speaker system of the vehicle. It allows dispatch messages to be
routed through the truck speakers, briefly interrupting your Christmas jam, instead of just the tiny tablet speakers. That way drivers can still blast their favorite Christmas playlist and not miss any important messages from dispatch. Talk about a win-win!

On the Fifth Day of Christmas

The cab of a truck is made infinitely more homelike, especially for over-the-road drivers, by the presence of an inverter. Inverters can power laptops, TVs, crock pots, Christmas lights, or whatever else the driver needs. However, a common misgiving many fleet executives have about allowing inverters in the cab is that improper use of an inverter, or an inverter with the incorrect specifications, can result in no-start situations for the truck. Give your drivers the gift of home-away-from-home comfort with Purkeys’

Invert™ Pure Sine Wave, which uses DynaBalance technology to balance the needs of the driver with the needs of the truck—meaning the inverter won’t allow the truck batteries to get so depleted that the truck won’t start, but simultaneously uses its smarts to give the driver power for as long as possible.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas

Parasitic drain is one of those little-thought-of occurrences that can drain your batteries without you noticing or thinking about it. Electrical devices, such as interior lights, radios, or child safety devices in buses, are critical to operation. However, they can also be hurting your bottom line without your knowledge. With the Dual Shield™ low voltage disconnect, keep your electronics running without depleting your batteries.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas

While we join in with many famous musicians in wishing all your Christmases be white, that doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t shine during the Christmas season! Take advantage of the sunny days with some solar charging—keep your reefer batteries topped off while not in use with the Solar Dash™, or power up your liftgate batteries with the Solar Bolt™.

On the Eighth Day of Christmas

Run a large shop with frequent need to jumpstart vehicles? Or run too many Christmas lights without the proper inverter settings in your cab? The CAPS™ is a portable jumpstart machine capable of maneuvering in tight spaces and jumpstarting multiple vehicles in a row. Built-in safety features protect your technicians or drivers from potentially unsafe jumpstarting conditions.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas

Got seasonal auxiliary batteries? Keep ‘em charged up and ready to go all year ‘round with the SteadyCharge™ battery charger. Changing or removing seasonal batteries (such as those used during winter for heating, but that are forgotten during the summer until it’s too late) is often difficult and presents a safety hazard for the technicians who have to work with them. Give your technicians the gift of safety and a shorter winter prep to-do list this Christmas with the SteadyCharge!

On the Tenth Day of Christmas

Not quite ready to commit to a charging system for your auxiliary batteries, but still want easy access to battery state of charge? The Status™ and Indicate™ state of charge indicators are just the thing for your Christmas wish list this year! Easy to read LED indicators show at a glance if your battery state of charge is where it should be.

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas 5th wheel light

Picture this—the trailer is loaded with lots of goodies for Christmas day, the rising sun is glistening on freshly fallen snow, the Christmas music is blaring, and it looks to be a perfect day. Your newest driver backs up the truck to hook up to the 5th wheel, hops out to make sure everything is connected securely, but forgot to grab a flashlight. Rather than taking the time to hunt down a flashlight, they decide it’s fine and dash merrily on their way, then…. catastrophe. They drop the trailer. Cue the cold winter air that’s not Christmasy at all. Just cold, with the promise of lots of work and more cold ahead. Protect your this season with the 5th Wheel Light—a hands-free light that automatically illuminates the king pin when coupling the tractor and trailer.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

Last—but certainly not least! —keep your cargo safe this season with an anti-cargo-theft device. According to Transport Topics, cargo theft costs a whopping average of $207,000 per incident! Save yourself the headache, the money, and the chewing out by your boss with a little preventative care from the get-go. The SafeFreight™ does just that—helps keep your cargo safe so that you can worry about more important things (like family, traditions, and keeping warm by a cozy fire) this holiday season.

Wishing you a warm and prosperous holiday season!

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