Is the battery you threw away really defective?

How understanding meters and testers can add value to your business

Let’s talk Multimeters! Helping our customers and trucking community understand how to properly use a multimeter is one of our greater passions. Because even though you may have the newest testers and a pile of manuals, if you do not know how to use them properly – you are powerless.

Poor battery training and testing skills cost fleets time and money. Many technicians are not trained well enough with testing tools and procedures to make the best decisions about electrical components. Just because a meter says the battery is defective doesn’t automatically mean a battery is defective! There are many other things to consider.

  • Functionality: know how the testing equipment works – what settings need to be used and how it connects to components
  • Purpose: understand the importance of values, why their readings are significant, and how to use this knowledge during troubleshooting
  • Measure: don’t assume components are bad – measure the meter’s current, resistance, voltage, and frequency to check for overloading and range
  • Practice: use the equipment on a regular basis and get familiar with it – technicians become more effective the more they practice

This past week, Larry Rambeaux and Austin Tondreau presented a training webinar called Multimeter 102. Technicians who understand and apply their knowledge of testing equipment add incredible value to businesses. If you would like to improve that value, you can watch that training and complete the associated test by Clicking here. If passed, you will be able to download a personalized certificate of completion. As always, we hope that if you have any questions about multimeters or any of our other product lines that you will reach out to us; we would love to assist you!

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