Benefits of Electric Pallet Jacks

Two of the most common benefits of electric pallet jacks are that they allow for an expanded driver pool and they allow cargo to be loaded and unloaded more efficiently. Electric pallet jacks allow practically anyone to move heavy loads across the warehouse, across a parking lot, or into/out of the trailer.

According to OSHA, ¼ of all compensation indemnity claims involve back injuries (which includes, though is not limited to, back injury caused by pushing/pulling manual pallet jacks or carrying heavy loads by hand). OSHA specifically notes, “when possible, utilize power equipment rather than manual to reduce ergonomic stresses.”

Electric pallet jacks fit the bill of reducing back-related injuries, which also aids in expanding the driver pool, as older or less fit individuals can still use the electric pallet jack, even if they wouldn’t be able to use a manual one. However, as beneficial as electric pallet jacks are, they do have a few common issues:

  • They often become severely discharged
  • They must be removed from the trailer to be charged
  • Charging and watering stations can take up a lot of valuable space in the warehouse.

The solution to these issues? Opportunity charging. The Purkeys TAPS can eliminate charging issues and extend the battery life of an electric pallet jack by providing access to 110 V power inside the trailer. This allows the driver to plug the pallet jack into its charger between stops, keeping the batteries at or near 100% state of charge. This in turn makes batteries last longer, reduces the frequency of having to water the batteries, and eliminates the need for charging pallet jacks in the warehouse.

This video gives a quick overview of how the TAPS works:

For more information about the TAPS, click here or contact us to speak with a sales representative.

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