Jumpstart Safely in the Cold

Fall is finally here, and the cold season is officially upon us! The colder months are an exciting time; it is a season filled with the chaos of the holidays, the delightful gorging on gallons of coffee and hot chocolate, and, of course, the most notable change of all—COLD MOTORS. It is a well-known issue that during the winter months cold motors require more energy to start. This can be a frustrating problem for drivers coming off the heels of summer. If this is an issue you deal with on a yearly basis, consider checking out our CAPS system.

The CAPS (Capacitator Actuated Portable Starter) is a jumpstart machine that uses a capacitor to provide the cranking power to jumpstart even the coldest of motors on a heavy-duty vehicle. In order to provide multiple jumpstarts in a row, the CAPS can recharge from the tractor. With its portable and lightweight casing, it is easy to use, easy to transport, and will perform the job quickly so you aren’t stuck out in the bitter cold.
The CAPS is ideal for fleets with a focus on safety, as it includes built-in protections against jumpstarting severely discharged or gelled batteries. For more information about whether the CAPS is a good fit for your needs, visit the CAPS page or contact us today!

Keep on trucking!

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