1500 Watt Inverter Harness


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Product Description

With Purkeys’ custom-designed harnesses, trucks can power their systems efficiently and easily and increase productivity and work flow by eliminating unnecessary work.

We use quality wire that is insulated against vibration, abrasion, and heat. Additionally, all harnesses use wielding cable that is flexible and easy to manage. Grommets hold the parts in place so that they can’t slide (making them last longer), and the pass-through plate can be moved if needed, rather than drilling holes that may require being redone. A correctly-sized fuse cube protects the truck and eliminates “nuisance blows” while protecting the entire circuit, including the wire to the battery in the battery box.

Key Features

  • Pass-through mounting plate with dome nuts
  • EDPM 600 volts 125° C cable, sized to wattage requirements
  • Special insulated and flexible cable
  • Appropriately sized fuse to prevent thermal incidents
  • Includes 3-year warranty

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