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Product Description

The Xantrex Lithium Ion Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery uses safety certified cells. Equipped with redundant safety features, this battery is the safest in the market today. Designed to withstand the harsh operating environments of marine and vehicle applications, it lasts up to 6,000 cycles compared to a traditional lead acid or AGM battery, which typically last 400-500 cycles. The ability to stack 4 batteries in parallel allows for a larger Ah system when there is no space for larger Ah batteries. This battery offers exceptional power density and is available with a heating blanket option if installed outside the main cabin.

Key Features

  • Internal BMS – reduces footprint
  • Cell Balancing – extends lifetime of battery
  • LEDs to monitor state of charge
  • Remote Panel – view status of battery, turn battery on and off
  • Bluetooth – connect to the Xantrex mobile app to view status of battery
  • Parallel stack up to 4 batteries

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