In a press release put out in early February, Maxwell announced they have signed an agreement with Purkeys that allows them to distribute Maxwell’s ultracapacitor-based Engine Start Module (ESM) product line to the North American heavy duty trucking industry. Purkeys will take orders for Maxwell’s ESM, which supplies dedicated power for truck engine starting, even when lead-acid batteries are drained and weakened by cold temperatures or excessive use, thereby eliminating costly jump-starts and downtime.

Dr. Franz Fink, president and CEO of Maxwell, said, “The Purkeys team has been addressing the electrical needs of heavy duty fleets for 20 years, and they have the experience to support sales, service and applications across the industry. Purkeys will be a valuable partner for Maxwell as we continue to bring innovative energy solutions to the trucking market.”

“Jump-starting and idling represent steep operational costs to trucking fleets, which must maintain their routes and schedules regardless of the strain weather or long hauls put on their vehicles,” said Bruce Purkey, Chief Creative Engineer at Purkeys. “We expect Maxwell’s Engine Start Module line to help significantly reduce our industry’s engine cranking challenges, and we look forward to working together to address other energy obstacles facing this market.”

Cheif Creative Engineer Bruce Purkey is currently testing a jumpstart machine that utilizes the ESM. The device has all the same safety features as their current jumpstart machine, Lightning in a Box, but will is much smaller and easy to carry. This partnership will allow Purkeys to complete their research and develop the first hand-held jumpstart machine.

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