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The Purkeys team is constantly monitoring the coronavirus situation. At the moment, it’s business as usual and all of our offices are fully operational and providing key services, including customer service, tech support, order processing, and logistics. During this time, there may be some delays in shipping your order, however, our warehouse is operational and working hard to deliver your orders. Thank You!

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Heavy-Duty Products

Heavy-duty products for a heavy-duty industry.

Purkeys products come standard with a 3-year warranty and are engineered to not only survive, but thrive, in the harsh conditions they’ll be exposed to in the world of transportation. Whether you are an owner-operator with a single truck or a fleet with 1000+ trucks, Purkeys’ heavy-duty products will help keep you on the road.

Featured Products

This section features new, seasonally relevant, or on-sale products. Check back often to stay in-the-know and take advantage of products that will make your life as a trucking professional better and easier!


SteadyCharge Auxiliary Battery Charger
OneConnect with Interior Light Control
Aware Audio Interrupter

Who We Serve

Until recently, we sold the majority of our products to large fleets. Then we thought, why?

Batteries are batteries, and the “little guys” need the opportunity for battery solutions just as much as the large fleets. Battery problems are money down the drain, and nobody can afford that, regardless of operation size. So, we upgraded our website so that our products are available to anyone in the trucking industry who is ready to take their trucking to the next level.

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About Purkeys

Established in 1990, Purkeys has always focused on providing products that charge and protect batteries—and other cool stuff—on big trucks, including inventing the first ever liftgate charging system. Keeping heavy-duty vehicles safely on the road with happy drivers, happy technicians, and happy fleet managers is Purkeys’ goal.