Last week, Purkeys went to IFDA’s Distribution Solutions Conference in Phoenix, AZ. It was Purkeys’ third year attending the conference, but for many a first chance to get face-to-face time with the electrical experts.

Food delivery fleets invest in liftgates and electric pallet jacks to make their operations more efficient. Purkeys’ goal is to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to get the most performance and life out of that investment. When a vehicle’s electrical system is working properly, liftgates run faster and more reliably. CEO Justin Purkey says, “As a company, Purkeys is committed to helping fleets meet their goals of doing more with less.”

The Purkeys booth provided insight and education on how their products can help fleets become more efficient. “It was fantastic! Our end users were there, as well as the manufactures who use our products. We had a lot of productive in-person conversations in Phoenix,” said Justin. Chief Creative Engineer Bruce Purkey agreed that “the traffic to our booth was really good at the show. The customers that stopped by were excellent contacts.”

Over the course of the three-day conference, Purkeys’ experts provided valuable information to hundreds of industry leaders—educating current and future partners on the benefits and necessity of liftgate charging systems and on board electric pallet jack chargers.

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