Reefer Enhancement Module

Purkeys’ Reefer Enhancement Module works with any of the Select™ liftgate charging systems. It allows the Select to use the trailer refrigeration units as an optional power source to charge the liftgate batteries.

When the module is installed, there are two positions for fuses: Position 1 and Position 2. The module is shipped in Position 1, but can be changed between the two positions by a shop technician based on company policy and charging needs.

Position 1
If the Fuse is in Position 1 (see video or Select installation guide for diagram), the module only senses if the reefer is charging the liftgate batteries. The reefer unit will not function as an input power source for the Select liftgate charge system.

Position 2
If the fuse is in Position 2, the module pulls current from the reefer unit to charge the liftgate batteries (the reefer functions as an input power source for the Select liftgate charging system).

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