SafeFreight Helps Prevent Cargo Theft from Straight Trucks

Cargo theft doesn’t seem to be an issue until it happens to you, and with the number of cargo thefts in the United States rising 25% in the first quarter of this year, it is beginning to affect more drivers than ever. According to the SensiGuard Supply Chain Intelligence Center, 144 incidents of cargo theft have been reported this quarter, each case equating to about $116,000 in losses . If these numbers aren’t sobering enough for you, keep in mind that the FBI says a significant number of thefts go unreported and less than 20% of stolen cargo is ever recovered .

Cargo is most at risk for being stolen when it is left unattended, and unfortunately, leaving cargo unattended is an unavoidable part of the trucking industry. Truck stops, rest areas, and distribution centers are all prime locations for cargo thieves – anytime a valuable commodity can be stolen with little to no risk, as is the case with these locations, thieves will take full advantage of the opportunity. Holidays are also a prime opportunity for cargo thieves because that means that cargo is often left unattended for an extended period of time, making a potential theft that much easier.

Given the rising amount of cargo thefts so far this year and the staggering amount of money lost with each one (over $100,000 on average), equipping your straight truck with an anti-theft device has never been more important. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune on an effective alarm system. Devices like the SafeFreight are relatively low cost, easy maintenance, and, most importantly, an effective deterrent to cargo thieves.

Truck cargo is an appealing target for thieves because it is relatively low risk – when cargo is left unattended, the chances of being caught or encountering someone are much lower than, say, breaking into a home. Having an alarm system like the SafeFreight connected to your truck door turns a low risk attempt into a high risk one. Any unauthorized attempt at opening the door will trigger an alarm sure to deter most thieves, and, if you want more security than that, there are multiple affordable accessories you can add in conjunction to the SafeFreight:

• Internal second alarm to warn driver – Great for preventing thefts at truck stops and rest areas
• External weather resistant flashing LED – Adds a visible deterrent on top of the audible deterrent
• Door access slam lock mechanism – Increases the overall security of your trailer door during operation

The chances of your cargo being stolen may feel relatively low, but the cost associated with losing your cargo far exceeds the cost of equipping your straight truck with an anti-theft device. If you have questions about the SafeFreight, reach out to a Purkeys Expert. Reducing the chances of your cargo being stolen is a low-cost high-reward investment that every driver and fleet owner should strongly consider.

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