Be an industry leader in safety.
Keep your drivers, assets, and customers safe.
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Don’t leave your driver, asset, or customer protection to chance

Protect your drivers and take control of your deliveries with the Aware and SafeFreight

Communicate safely with drivers

Don’t compromise driver safety. Make sure your drivers hear real-time messages without taking their eyes off the road. The Aware is cost effective and extremely easy to install and use; already embraced by big fleets like Schneider, Werner, and JB Hunt.

Warn drivers of intruders

Give your drivers and your customers the peace of mind they deserve by reducing risk of cargo theft.

The SafeFreight is an added layer of protection at the door of the trailer. Easy to install and inexpensive to maintain.

Give your customers the confidence they deserve

Allow your drivers to safely receive real-time updates from dispatch and protect cargo at stops to ensure customers don’t have to deal with lost goods, lost time, or lost revenue.

Enhance your protection with the Aware and SafeFreight

We don’t just care about deliveries.

We care about your business.

More safety. More confidence.