Inverters take DC power from the tractor batteries and convert it to 110 AC power. This allows drivers to operate devices such as laptops and microwaves while drivers are on over the road jobs.

Purkeys’ Sales and Service Engineer Charley Gipe demonstrates how to test voltage drop in the input wiring on an inverter. Charley explains why maintaining no more than 0.5 volts in voltage drop is important for proper function of the device. According to Charley, “A good circuit setup will allow adequate power to make it to the inverter so it will continue to run properly when it’s operating at full power.”

When fleets get complaints about inverters shutting off during use they can use this test to see if the issues lie with the input voltage. If the voltage drop stays under the 0.5 volts then technicians will want to check the output voltage and look into what devices are being used while on the road.

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