The SteadyCharge – Keep Your Batteries Charged No Matter the Season

At Purkeys, our job is to improve the lives of truck drivers through the creation of unique battery solutions. Our solutions often come about from solving real world problems for our clients and the SteadyCharge system is no different. We created the SteadyCharge to solve the seasonal issue of accessory batteries being drained once they are not needed through the summer months.

While summer might mean it’s time to roll down the windows and feel the breeze in your hair, it also means heaters are turned down as drivers no longer have to keep the liquids they haul from freezing. This is great – except we know that once those heaters turn off they bring additional issues to fleets in the form of battery maintenance, costs, and replacement.

Inactive batteries can drain when they are no longer in use, often requiring dead batteries to be replaced when the next cold season hits! Fleets can spend upwards of millions of dollars a year on battery maintenance and repair as downtime, lost profits, and service costs pile up.

The SteadyCharge is mounted on the front of the truck and keeps your auxiliary batteries in a high state of charge through the summer. Once the season is over, you are ready to go! That means whether you are hauling cold liquids that are in danger of freezing in the winter or working in cold-chain transportation, you can minimize downtime, save money, and reduce the labor necessary for the difficult and time-consuming replacement of accessory batteries.

The SteadyCharge System:

  • Reduces battery maintenance and repair costs
  • Keeps vehicles and drivers on the road, reducing roadside assistance calls and delayed or failed deliveries
  • Extends the lifespan of existing batteries by up to 500 percent
  • Alleviates the need for time-consuming and often difficult removal and repairs
  • Keeps your equipment running better for longer

If you are ready to eliminate the need for costly and tiresome accessory battery replacements year after year, contact us for more information on the SteadyCharge.


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