3 No LED Scenarios in Purkeys Select and Direct Liftgate Charging Systems

It can be frustrating to check your liftgate charging system only to see there is no LED illuminated. If you run into this issue, fret not! We are here to help guide you through a quick and easy 3-step process for diagnosing and fixing an LED scenario in our Select and Direct Liftgate Charging Systems.

The first step is to check your batteries. Using your multimeter, place the positive side on the positive side of the battery, and the negative on the negative side of the battery. Your multimeter should read above 6 V. Six volts or below indicates that there is an issue with the battery. Easy enough, right?

The next step is to check your 30 amp circuit breaker. Touch the red junction stud on the plate assembly while placing the other end on the ground junction stud and view the reading on the multimeter display. You can use the same baseline of 6 volts that you used in Step 1.

The final step is to check your 2 amp fuse, which is also located on the assembly plate. By placing the multimeter on the junction stud and the ground stud, the multimeter will display the voltage. This will indicate whether or not you have a blown fuse. In the event of a blown fuse, simply replace the fuse with a new one!

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