Liftgate Charging

Purkeys liftgate charging systems improve the charging of liftgate batteries by utilizing a DC/DC Converter to boost the voltage for optimal charging. The DC/DC Converter also compensates for temperature as well as for voltage drop and provides the best voltage to the remotely located liftgate batteries. The result is well-charged liftgate batteries that will last longer and have ample power for liftgate operation.

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Comparison Tool

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  • Charging Plate Assembly

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  • Direct™

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  • Direct™ Flex

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  • Direct™ Max

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  • Direct™ Nosebox

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  • Direct™ Plus

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  • Dual Pole Bypass System for Direct or Select

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  • liftgate battery charger Purkeys

    Liftgate Charging System Double Check™

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  • Mounting Bracket for P1020-K to fit in Maxon Metal Battery Box

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  • Nosebox, Single Cavity Upgrade for Direct Flex Max

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  • 7-Way Aux Harness for Select and Direct Complete Harness - Purkeys

    Reefer Harness Add-On for Liftgate Charging Noseboxes (Part# H-00289)

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  • Select™ Multiple Source Liftgate Charging

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