About Us

Who is Mission Critical Electronics, and what is their relationship with Purkeys?

Mission Critical Electronics (MCE) is a California-based company that offers specialized products for critical systems in a wide variety of applications under the leading brands Kussmaul Electronics, Xantrex, ZeroRPM, Newmar Power, ASEA Power Systems, Power Products, American Battery Charging—and yes, Purkeys. Purkeys joined the MCE family of brands in late 2019.

Vehicle Power

Under the acquisition, Purkeys joined the Vehicle Power subset of MCE, which currently includes Kussmaul Electronics (a leader in providing solutions for the emergency vehicle market), Xantrex (well-known for their inverter-chargers and other energy solutions in the heavy-duty trucking, work truck, and recreational vehicle markets, among others), and ZeroRPM (a leader in idle mitigation systems). The combined expertise of these companies provides a complete suite of fleet power and charging solutions, including energy storage and solar.

Exceed Expectations

MCE takes great pride in translating their customers’ needs into the highest quality products and solutions available in the markets it serves. MCE delivers those products and solutions with an unmatched level of responsiveness and customer service. Purkeys is enthusiastic to be part of the team and thrilled to be introducing the SAFEX to the heavy-duty trucking industry. For more information about MCE or Purkeys’ sister brands, visit the MCE website.