Battery Problems? Ask These 4 Questions

It is no secret that reducing downtime is a top priority for fleets. Often, major causes of downtime involve electrical issues, specifically dead batteries. Ensuring batteries are charged in all…
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Using Solar in Heavy-Duty Trucking

For a detailed discussion on using solar in heavy-duty trucking, watch the recording of our Solar Myth Busters webinar. For a summary of the discussion, check out the outline below:…
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COVID-19 Update – March 2020

The past few weeks have been a new, challenging experience for everyone as we have had to quickly adapt to working around the COVID-19 outbreak. We are proud of the…
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Career Opportunities at Purkeys

Purkeys is a leading provider of battery-saving solutions for the heavy-duty trucking industry. In fact, we like to say that “we provide product solutions that charge and maintain batteries—and other…
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