Inverters with A Brain—A Yes for both Drivers and Management


There are many reasons why truck driving can be a difficult career, but one reason that causes worry for both drivers and upper management is access for drivers to healthy food. Long hours sitting and multiple fast food choices are not a great combination for long-term health. This can be compounded by a driver’s inability to cook if they are worried about utilizing too much of the truck’s battery resources.

Inverters can be a hard “no” for a lot of upper management, because they know the realities of a dead battery can cause complications for both the driver and business. When drivers are left stranded without a way to finish their hauls, the company loses money, potential customers, and must utilize rescue vehicles to assist the stranded truck. Overuse of inverters (causing batteries to drain and die) is one of the top reasons
fleets don’t allow them on their trucks, yet without them drivers are left without cooking instruments such as microwaves or hot plates to make their meals.

Purkeys inverters are different. We design our products to work smarter in ways that can be better utilized by drivers and still make bosses happy. The “brain” inside our inverter estimates the battery state of charge in real time, rather than relying solely on
voltage. This means that when the inverter senses the state of charge has reached a predetermined set point, the inverter will shut off to ensure the tractor batteries do not discharge too deeply.

This means no more worrying if you need to cook a baked potato—or something more elaborate, like your Thanksgiving meal—on the road, all while charging your phone or watching the television. Drivers are free to get creative and healthier with their cooking options, and upper management can take a deep breath, knowing their trucks are not going to be stranded or late because of a dead battery.

After a great meal and a good night’s sleep, drivers can still start up their truck the next day. The freedom to avoid fast food choices and have access to hot, healthy food is a win-win for everybody.

Easy to install and easy to use, we offer exemplary customer support and trainings in our products which means increased company efficiency and employee satisfaction. Learn more about our inverters today!


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