Liftgate Charging System Double Check™


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Product Description

Purkeys developed the Liftgate Charging System Double Check™ to simplify the testing of liftgate charging systems. It can test liftgate charging systems on a wide variety of vehicles and allows drivers and technicians to diagnose various issues. 

The Double Check includes LED indicators and a variety of adapters. The adapters can connect to dual pole, single pole, or 7-way cables. 

All Liftgate Double Check kits come with the 20 Amp Applied Load Module. This accessory works with the Double Check and allows technicians to perform load tests on vehicles to ensure there is sufficient power for liftgate battery charging.

Key Features

  • Assists in easy diagnosis of liftgate charging system issues 
  • Available with dual pole, single pole, and 7-way vehicle connectors 
  • Performs separate testing of tractor and trailer electrical systems 
  • Displays measurements in volts and amps 
  • Includes 20 Amp Applied Load Module accessory

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Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 11 in