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Product Description

The Select™ allows charging from multiple sources and improves the charging of liftgate batteries by utilizing a DC/DC converter to boost the voltage for optimal charging. 

In cold temperatures, the DC/DC converter compensates for temperature by providing higher charging voltages. The result is well-charged liftgate batteries that will last longer and have ample power for liftgate operation.

It also includes an interior light controller (harness sold separately) designed to turn the lights on inside a trailer and automatically shut them off either via a timer or if the liftgate batteries drop to a low state of charge.

Key Features

  • All the features of the original Direct (see previous page) combined into a nosebox 
  • Continues to charge for up to 1 hour after truck engine shuts off or until truck battery goes below 12.4 V (excluding 7-way connection) 
  • Gives priority to the ABS by turning off within 1/20th of a second if the source voltage drops below 9.5 V 
  • Features downward facing receptacles to prevent water build-up and corrosion 
  • Replaceable receptacles in case of damage 
  • Outputs a signal that can be connected to a telematics system (will alert if liftgate battery gets critically low) 
  • Powers interior dome lights from the liftgate battery (optional harness required) 
  • Includes reefer connection on specific models 
  • Patented (patent #s 8,004,242 and 9,725,000) 
  • Includes 3-year warranty

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