Proper Inverter Maintenance

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As with anything you interact with on a regular basis (your vehicle, household appliances, etc.), inverters require a little bit of maintenance and upkeep.

Most inverters used on heavy-duty trucks are mounted about 6 inches off the floor. As the inverter fans run, they suck up a lot of dust, hair, and other small debris, that get caught up into the inverter itself. If not properly taken care of, this can clog up the inverter and cause it to overheat, shut off prematurely, or not turn on at all.

When the inverter gets clogged up, airflow is restricted and the fans can’t do their job. The fans are designed to cool the internal components of the inverter, but when it is clogged up the dust and hair don’t allow the cool air to circulate and dissipate the heat.

Preventing this is simple, however; every so often when you’re cleaning your truck, just blow out the inverter. This will prevent build up from forming and increase the lifetime of your inverter so that you can continue to enjoy the basic comforts of home when you’re on the road.

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