Safely Power Your Hybrid eTRU at the Dock


SAFX Video

SAFX allows hybrid eTRU units to be safely plugged into 480 VAC shore power at the dock (meeting CARB regulations) and automatically protects both employees and equipment. This system has been engineered to meet the requirements of key stakeholders including fleets, reefer and trailer manufacturers, distribution centers, and grocery stores and truck stops.

The SAFX system uses three main components to accomplish this—the Auto Eject, the Auto Safe, and a cable management system of your choice. The Auto Eject receptacle is installed at the back of the trailer, where the driver or other personnel can plug in the power cord from the Auto Safe, which can be installed on the wall of the building or on a power station out in the lot. Once the cord is properly connected to the Auto Eject, the UL listed Auto Safe allows the power to be activated with the simple touch of a button.
When finished, the driver doesn’t need to interact with the system at all! Once the vehicle brake is engaged, the Auto Eject automatically ejects the cable and the Auto Safe automatically shuts off power so that there are never any unconnected live cables to cause potential safety hazards. It also ensures that there is never any drive-off property damage!

Once disconnected, there are four cable management options to choose from:

1. Cable Hanger: the basic SAFX package includes a sturdy cable hanger that the cable can be manually coiled on after the vehicle drives away
2. Manual Reel: allows an operator to tug the cable to activate the spring-loaded reel, which then neatly coils the cable
3. Auto Reel: automatically coils the cable once it detects the power has been shut off, allowing for prompt cable cleanup without interaction with an operator
4. Auto Reach: automatically retracts the hanging cable to the warehouse or shore power station while keeping the cable off the ground

For a quick overview of how the SAFX functions, check out our video:

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