Is Your Pallet Jack Losing Power?

Too often, AC power is not available to charge pallet jacks while the truck is on the road. For drivers who spend long days making delivery after delivery, this can present the serious situation of dead pallet jack batteries as the day goes on.
To eliminate this problem, Purkeys developed the TAPS (Trailer Auxiliary Power System). It takes the DC power from the tractor and converts it to AC power in the trailer to charge the pallet jack. This system is a convenient fix for the fleet and the driver as it:

  • Charges the pallet jack while the tractor is running; so pallet jacks are charging while drivers are in transit from stop to stop
  • Eliminates or reduces the need for warehouse space to charge pallet jacks
  • Does not damage tractor batteries
  • Only requires the driver to utilize the in-trailer AC charger built into the pallet jack
  • Can be mounted inside or outside the trailer

Have confidence in scheduling multiple deliveries without concerns of draining pallet jack batteries. A convenient solution to a complicated problem.

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