Thank A Truck Driver


Truck driving is a tough job—not only does it require long days, and sometimes even days on the road away from family and friends, but it also requires creativity and highly refined driving skills.

We all see trucks on a regular basis—delivering food to grocery stores and restaurants, on the interstate, or delivering packages to work or to our homes. However, we don’t always stop to think about all the ways they contribute to our way of life or the challenges they face in transporting our goods.

When we asked a group of drivers about the biggest challenges they face, one driver summed up his job like this, “Being a driver requires being creative. People buy things and don’t think about how they’re going to be delivered. Me, I have to figure out how to unload a whole swing set by myself!”

This week, we join with other industry groups to celebrate truck drivers, and their often-unacknowledged accomplishments, as part of the annual National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. In addition to individual trucking companies, recognition in the form of food discounts, drawings, etc., is being given to drivers by many industry leaders.

We encourage you to join us this week in thanking truck drivers everywhere!



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