Apr 27

5th Wheel Light Helps Eliminate Dropped Trailers

The 5th Wheel Light was developed to help drivers more easily connect their truck and trailer, helping stop dropped trailers. Illuminating the 5th wheel makes the driver’s job easier and safer. The 5th Wheel Light is very easy to install and operates automatically, making it a great asset for fleets. Purkeys’ 5th Wheel Light is...

Apr 12

The Importance of Springtime Battery Maintenance

The changing of the seasons is an important time for fleets as they get their trucks ready for the hot summer months. Fleets must ensure that trucks are ready to perform as needed with higher electrical demands and increased summer temperatures. An important step in readying trucks for summer is to ensure that batteries are...

Mar 30

SELECT™ Charging System Boasts New Features

The SELECT Liftgate Charging System, a successful Purkeys product, has been updated to include a new module that allows maximum compatibility with all reefer units. Initially, Purkeys developed the SELECT to give fleets the ability to charge liftgate batteries from multiple sources, providing flexibility and convenience while addressing issues commonly faced by fleets. The new...

Mar 27

Solar Dash Combats Parasitic Load

As seasoned suppliers of the commercial trucking industry, the designers and engineers here at Purkeys understand the kinds of problems fleets face day-to-day. We developed the Solar Dash to eliminate the effects of parasitic loads, a daily hassle for managers of trucking fleets. Even while the vehicle isn’t running, some essential electrical components of the...

Mar 15

New Online Tool Helps Fleets Compare Liftgate Charging Systems

The Purkeys website offers a new online feature to help fleets select the best liftgate charging system for their specific application. After fleets provide the requested information, the Purkeys’ Comparison Tool offers customized solutions as to which liftgate charging system will most efficiently charge their liftgate batteries. To discover which liftgate battery charging system is...

Mar 08

Purkeys Team Makes Significant Contributions at Annual TMC

This year’s Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) took place on February 27th – March 3rd in Nashville, Tennessee. The Purkeys team traveled to Nashville to join many other industry leaders in developing best practices that will help fleets operate at their finest. This collaboration is an important step in addressing the challenges that fleets face today. One of...

Mar 08

Purkeys SELECT™ Charges from Multiple Sources, Ensuring Batteries have Sufficient Charge

Purkeys’ SELECT™ liftgate charging system fully and efficiently charges liftgate batteries by drawing power from either the tractor or the reefer via multiple paths (stinger cord, reefer, or 7-way aux pin). The SELECT also boosts voltage at the liftgate batteries with its DC to DC converter. The SELECT is designed to counter specific liftgate battery...

Feb 21

Purkeys Representatives to Speak at TMC Meeting

This year’s Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) meeting will take place on February 27th through March 3rd in Nashville, Tennessee at the Music City Center. The theme of this year’s meeting is, “Novel Approaches to Industry Challenges.” Purkeys is known for their innovative products that provide solutions to a variety of electrical issues that the...

Feb 07

How the DIRECT™ System Works

Purkeys’ DIRECT™ is a single-source liftgate charging system. It boosts voltage through a DC to DC converter to fully charge liftgate batteries more efficiently and to overcome the voltage drop from the tractor to the liftgate batteries. The DIRECT has easy-to-read LED indicators. If the liftgate battery indicator shows a green light, the liftgate batteries...

Jan 24

The Importance of Checking Circuit Integrity

The continuity function on a multimeter is a helpful measurement, but it does have its limitations. Once continuity has been checked, verifying the condition of the wiring of the entire circuit is essential. A circuit with a good continuity reading may still have issues like voltage drop stemming from simple problems such as a frayed...