Aug 16

Solar Dash™ Keeps Your Vehicles Ready to Roll

Our Solar Dash™ is a solar-powered battery charging system that keeps inactive trucks ready to roll by providing converted solar energy to the batteries. If you’ve ever had to leave a truck on your lot for extended periods of time, you know that batteries don’t stay charged forever. The Solar Dash is placed on the...

Aug 08

Purkeys’ Solar Bolt™ Keeps Liftgate Batteries Performing at Their Best

A liftgate that runs is a liftgate that saves you time and money. A liftgate that doesn’t run can cause a world of unnecessary and expensive problems. We provide an efficient solution to maintaining a strong state of charge in liftgate batteries. The Solar Bolt™ uses solar energy to keep liftgate and auxiliary batteries charged,...

Aug 02

How Solar Helps You Make More Deliveries

While solar technology is not reliable as a primary source of energy, Purkeys solar products provide supplemental charging that help keep batteries at a high state of charge, improving battery life and keeping you rolling. The image below illustrates how much energy a Solar Bolt system can provide, and what that means in terms of...

Jul 26

What Can Solar Energy do for My Fleet?

As the popularity of renewable energy and “green” technologies continues to grow, we have been hard at work developing ways to put this technology to work for drivers, managers, and technicians in the commercial trucking industry and answer your question: “What can solar energy do for my fleet?” So what can solar energy do for...

Jun 22

Preventative Maintenance Testers Help Prepare for the Long Haul

We know that managing the electrical system of each vehicle in a large fleet is no easy task, and vehicles with battery-powered liftgate systems have one more opportunity for electrical hang-ups. Because of this, our engineers have developed two distinct liftgate charging systems, the DIRECT and SELECT, to combat costly delays and road calls and...

Jun 08

Reduce Liftgate Costs, Make Faster Deliveries

Are there any fleets that have 1400 hours a year to waste? We didn’t think so. As you know, the speed of a liftgate is crucial to a fleet’s rate of delivery. Research shows that fully-charged liftgate batteries can increase liftgate speed up to 10%. Keeping liftgate batteries at a high state of charge improves...

May 11

BOSS™ System Keeps Dump Trailers Dumping

Purkeys’ BOSS™ Dump Trailer Charging System enables dump trailer batteries to remain at a high state of charge by using energy from the truck to charge batteries, while boosting voltage for fast, efficient charging. This ensures dump trailers are operational when drivers are ready to use them, eliminating the threat of downtime and road calls....

Apr 27

5th Wheel Light Helps Eliminate Dropped Trailers

The 5th Wheel Light was developed to help drivers more easily connect their truck and trailer, helping stop dropped trailers. Illuminating the 5th wheel makes the driver’s job easier and safer. The 5th Wheel Light is very easy to install and operates automatically, making it a great asset for fleets. Purkeys’ 5th Wheel Light is...

Apr 12

The Importance of Springtime Battery Maintenance

The changing of the seasons is an important time for fleets as they get their trucks ready for the hot summer months. Fleets must ensure that trucks are ready to perform as needed with higher electrical demands and increased summer temperatures. An important step in readying trucks for summer is to ensure that batteries are...

Mar 30

SELECT™ Charging System Boasts New Features

The SELECT Liftgate Charging System, a successful Purkeys product, has been updated to include a new module that allows maximum compatibility with all reefer units. Initially, Purkeys developed the SELECT to give fleets the ability to charge liftgate batteries from multiple sources, providing flexibility and convenience while addressing issues commonly faced by fleets. The new...